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the innkeepers


Jeremy and Erin Drews have owned and operated the Ann Bean Mansion since 2004. The mansion has made use of Jeremy's skills in restoration, and Erin admires his tireless energy and creativity in each improvement he tackles. Jeremy can rarely be seen without a cup of coffee in his grip — only the finest fresh ground beans, of course — unless he's taste-testing a new batch of home-brewed beer. Erin loves lemons, fine linens on a well-made bed, and delightful little French pastries called chouquettes (which sometimes appear on the breakfast menu).

the innkeepers


Dori and Anna have a combined Stillwater work experience of over 20 years! Erin and Jeremy couldn't manage without their knack for brightening the spaces around them—and not just with their stellar scrubbing skills. Because you've asked: housekeeping tips are always welcome if you've noticed the extra attention to detail these two have given your room, but they're not required.

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